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Fig. 2

From: Galectin-3 interacts with components of the nuclear ribonucleoprotein complex

Fig. 2

Localisation of galectin-3 and hnRNPA2B1 in cell nuclei. a HeLa cells were fixed and stained by immunofluorescence with anti-galectin-3/ Alexa Fluor 546 together with anti-hnRNPA2B1/ Alexa Fluor 647. Punctate structures positive for hnRNPA2B1 and endogenous galectin-3 are indicated by arrows. Nuclear staining (DAPI) is depicted in blue, scale bars: 10 μm. b Interaction between galectin-3 and hnRNPA2B1 was assessed by in situ PLA. HeLa cells were fixed and incubated with antibodies directed against galectin-3 and hnRNPA2B1. In the negative control HeLa cells were incubated in the absence of primary antibodies. HeLa cells were incubated with primary antibodies against hnRNPA2B1 and Sc35 as positive control. Interactions in a proximity up to 40 nm appear as fluorescent dots. Nuclei were stained with DAPI. For a better comparison, nuclei are depicted in blue, cytoplasmic PLA-signals in magenta and nuclear PLA-signals in dark blue in the merged images. Scale bars; 10 μm. c The amount of PLA-spots per nucleus was quantified. Bar graphs indicate the average relative number of PLA-signals per nucleus +/− SD, n = 3 (** p = 0.01)

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