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Fig. 1

From: No preclinical rationale for IGF1R directed therapy in chondrosarcoma of bone

Fig. 1

a-b qRT-PCR and western blot analyses, respectively, reveal heterogeneous expression of IGF pathway members in chondrosarcoma cell lines. c Immunoprecipitation with IRS1 followed by a western blot for phospho-IRS1 reveals pathway activity in two out of three chondrosarcoma cell lines tested. d Evaluation of IGF1R downstream targets reveals an effect of OSI-906 on IGF1R and pAkt but not on pS6 and disphosphorylated ERK-1&2. Cell lines were treated for 72 hours with DMSO, 1 μM OSI-906 and/or 50 ng/ml IGF1

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