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Fig. 4

From: Pseudo-HE images derived from CARS/TPEF/SHG multimodal imaging in combination with Raman-spectroscopy as a pathological screening tool

Fig. 4

Workflow: a Multimodal image of a mouse colon section (for color code see Fig. 2); b Pseudo-HE stained image derived from the multimodal image shown in a, c HE stained image of the same section as investigated in a, d a k-means-cluster-analysis (k=9) of the Raman-measured region, marked with a white arrow in a, e pathologist’s annotation; Here, normal epithelial tissue with non-epithelial components (other morphological tissue types) and background contributions (left corner) are present; f pre-treated mean Raman-spectra of the region annotated as normal epithelial tissue in e; the scale bar represents 500 μm. The colors within panel d were assigned arbitrary due to the k-means clustering, while the legend applies only to panel e. The color selection in panel e is related to bio-medical information

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