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Fig. 5

From: Utilizing native fluorescence imaging, modeling and simulation to examine pharmacokinetics and therapeutic regimen of a novel anticancer prodrug

Fig. 5

Plasma levels of MCHB and CNOB in mice bearing 4T1 orthotopic tumors expressing HChrR6. The upper left encircled figure focuses on changes within the first two hours. Following tail vein CNOB injection plasma was harvested at various time points. Plasma levels of MCHB and CNOB were quantified by LC/MS/MS. The lower figure provides values up to the time points where the concentration of the compounds could be reliably measured. Note that the CNOB and MCHB concentrations are shown as touching the abscissa; this is because the measured quantities at 24-h time point were below the detection limit of the instrument (We did obtain the LC/MS/MS quantification data for the 24-h time point. But since it was below the instrument’s quantification limit). Plasma was collected at indicated times after CNOB injection (3.3 mg/kg). Data represent average of samples at each time point (n = 4). See text for further details

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