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Fig. 1

From: Utilizing native fluorescence imaging, modeling and simulation to examine pharmacokinetics and therapeutic regimen of a novel anticancer prodrug

Fig. 1

Detection of off-target activation of CNOB by non-invasive imaging. Tumors were implanted in mice using F-Luc expressing non-transfected breast cancer cells that did not generate HChrR6, and the HchrR6 gene was delivered via SL7838-chrR6 bacteria (tail vein injection). Right, center and left pictures show, respectively: the tumor location imaged 5 min after ip injection of luciferin (150 μL of 30 mg/mL); the location of SL7838-chrR6 bacteria in the mice 24 h post iv injection visualized by their Lux expression; and the location of MCHB generation imaged 8 h post tail vein CNOB injection

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