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Fig. 3

From: The triptolide derivative MRx102 inhibits Wnt pathway activation and has potent anti-tumor effects in lung cancer

Fig. 3

Treatment of xenograft lung cancer cells with MRx102 and carboplatin has an additive effect. a Representative tumors from NSG mice injected with H460 cells and treated as indicated. b Tumor volume measurements from NSG mice (A) treated with varying concentrations of MRx102, carboplatin, or a combination of MRx102 and carboplatin. c Quantitative measurement of tumor weight from NSG mice (A) treated as indicated. No less than 9 mice were used and p-values were determined using one-way Anova with a Tukey post test. **, ***, and **** represent p values of <0.01, <.001, and < .0001, respectively, and are derived from a comparison between the control and treated groups

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