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Fig. 1

From: EGFR gene amplification is relatively common and associates with outcome in intestinal adenocarcinoma of the stomach, gastro-oesophageal junction and distal oesophagus

Fig. 1

The association between EGFR/HER2 protein expression and EGFR/HER2 gene amplification in two intestinal-type oesophagogastric adenocarcinomas. Figures ad show the same area in a single tumour: a Strong (3+) membranous EGFR protein expression (IHC), b negative HER2 protein expression and cd EGFR gene amplification (SISH). Figures eh show the same area in another tumour: e Negative EGFR protein expression (IHC), (f) strong (3+) membranous HER2 protein expression and gh HER2 gene amplification (SISH). Original objective magnification 10x and 60x. IHC, immunohistochemistry; SISH, silver in situ hybridisation

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