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Fig. 7

From: Systematic drug screening reveals specific vulnerabilities and co-resistance patterns in endocrine-resistant breast cancer

Fig. 7

Tamoxifen-resistant cells develop common drug sensitivities and co-resistances. a Venn diagrams illustrate shared drug sensitivities and co-resistances of drugs with a DSS difference of at least 5. b Rank-product analysis of Drug Sensitivity Scores (DSS) between tamoxifen-resistant and parental cell lines identified statistically significant shared sensitizing and desensitizing drugs. c Western blotting of EGFR, pEGFR, ERK1/2, pERK1/2, ERα and βactin under increasing concentrations of VX-11E and 1 μM selumetinib of T-47D and BT-474 isogenic cell lines. Resistant cell lines were cultured in media supplemented with 1 μM tamoxifen

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