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Table 1 A brief summary of cost details of service provision in the two tertiary institutions

From: A cost effective analysis of fixed-dose combination of dutasteride and tamsulosin compared with dutasteride monotherapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia in Nigeria: a middle income perspective; using an interactive Markov model

  UNTH ($) JUTH ($)
  TURP Drugs Clinic TURP Drugs Clinic
Surgical fees 153.67    165.76   
Anaesthetic drugs/items 64.71    117.64   
Antibiotic drugs 70.59    88.23   
Investigations 58.82    88.23   
Consumables 35.29    11.76   
Feeding fees 29.14    14.7   
Dutasteride (Avodart)   15.83/month    15.83/month  
Fixed dose tamsulosin- dutasteride (Duodart)   24/month    24/month  
 Clinic consultations    47    47