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Table 2 Behavior change techniques in the two interventions

From: Testing the effects of narrative and play on physical activity among breast cancer survivors using mobile apps: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Behavior change technique Narrative game intervention Self-monitoring intervention
Goal setting (behavior) App + counseling App + counseling
Problem solving Counseling Counseling
Action planning Counseling Counseling
Review behavior goal(s) Counseling Counseling
Feedback on behavior App + counseling App + counseling
Self-monitoring of behavior App App
Social support (emotional) App + counseling  
Information about health consequences Counseling  
Information about others’ approval App  
Behavioral practice/rehearsal App + counseling  
Non-specific reward App App
Identification of the self as a role model App + counseling  
Framing-reframing App + counseling  
Identity associated with changed behavior App + counseling  
Verbal persuasion about capability App  
Mental rehearsal of successful performance App + counseling  
Focus on past success App App
Vicarious consequences App