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Fig. 5

From: Cyclopamine tartrate, an inhibitor of Hedgehog signaling, strongly interferes with mitochondrial function and suppresses aerobic respiration in lung cancer cells

Fig. 5

The effect of CycT treatment on mitochondrial membrane potential in NSCLC H1299 (a), A549 (b), and H460 (c) cells. d SANT1 treatment also increases mitochondrial membrane potential in NSCLC H1299 cells. NSCLC cells were treated with CycT or SANT1 for the indicated time periods. Then mitochondrial membrane potential in these cells was measured by using JC-1 staining. Mitochondrial membrane potential was expressed as the ratio of aggregates/monomer, which was calculated by dividing red fluorescence intensity with green fluorescence intensity. For statistical analysis, the levels in CycT-treated cells were compared to the levels in untreated cells, by using Welch 2-sample t-test. *, p value < 0.05; **, p value < 0.005

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