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Table 1 Oligonucleotide probes for Northern blot analysis of rRNA fragments

From: RNA disruption is associated with response to multiple classes of chemotherapy drugs in tumor cell lines

Probe Source Complementary sequence used in probes Position in human a28S or b18S rRNA
28SCD1 Houge et al. (1995) [12] 5’-GAC TAA TAT GCT TAA ATT CAG CGG GTC GCC ACG TC-3’ 16–50
28SVR2 Nadano et al. (2000) [25] 5’-ACG TGT TAG ACT CCT TGG TCC GTG-3’ 1305–1328
28S1 He et al. (2012) [30] 5’-ACC CGG CGT TCG GTT CAT-3’ 1867–1884
28S4 He et al. (2012) [30] 5’-GCG GGC CTT CGC GAT GCT TTG TT-3’ 3617–3639
28S5 He et al. (2012) [30] 5’-ACC CAG AAG CAG GTC GTC TAC GAA TGG TTT AGC GCC AG-3’ 4913–4950
18S1 He et al. (2012) [30] 5’-GCA CCA GAC TTG CCC TCC-3’ 698–715
18S2 He et al. (2012) [30] 5’-GAA TAA CGC CGC CGC ATC-3’ 1200–1217
18S3 He et al. (2012) [30] 5’-CGG ACA TCT AAG GGC ATC ACA G-3’ 1594–1615
  1. a28S rRNA sequence Genbank ID M11167.1
  2. b18S rRNA sequence Genbank ID M10098.1