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Fig. 4

From: Forkhead Box F1 promotes breast cancer cell migration by upregulating lysyl oxidase and suppressing Smad2/3 signaling

Fig. 4

FoxF1 activation of FAK is dependent on LOX catalytic activity. a, upper panel, western blot analysis of whole cell extracts (WCE) from parental and FoxF1 overexpressing HC11 cells, untreated or treated with 200 μM βAPN or 200 U/mL catalase for 48 h, probed with phosphospecific antibody FAK-pY576, stripped and re-probed with FAK- and α-tubulin antibodies. Lower panel shows densitometry. b, Western blot analysis of whole cell extracts from TFoxF1-50 cells untreated or dox-treated for 24 h, probed as in (a)

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