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Table 1 ABT-199 enhances chemotherapy-induced cell death in Bcl-2 dependent NBs. SMS-SAN (Bcl-2 dependent) and IMR5 (Mcl-1 dependent) NB cells were exposed to different combinations of ABT-199 + doxorubicin or ABT-199 + melphalan for 48 h then evaluated by WST-1 for changes in IC50 of the combination compared to the cytotoxic chemotherapy given alone. Table numbers represent the average of three biologic experiments

From: Select Bcl-2 antagonism restores chemotherapy sensitivity in high-risk neuroblastoma

Chemotherapy + ABT-199 in vitro combinations
  SMS‐SAN (Bcl‐2 Dependent) IMR-5 Mcl-1 dependent
ABT‐199 dosing (nM)a IC50 Doxorubicin (ng/mL) IC50 Doxorubicin (ng/mL)
0 493.6 412.2
1 58.49 401.9
5 15.28 384.9
ABT‐199 dosing (nM)a IC50 Melphalan (μM) IC50 Melphalan (μM)
0 6.25 15.29
1 3.3 15.39
5 2.3 14.27
  1. aABT-199 and cytotoxic given concurrently in vitro × 48 hours.