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Fig. 2

From: US-localized diffuse optical tomography in breast cancer: comparison with pharmacokinetic parameters of DCE-MRI and with pathologic biomarkers

Fig. 2

A woman with invasive ductal carcinoma (a) A gray-scale ultrasound image shows an isoechoic mass with central markedly hypoechoic component (arrow), which can present central necrosis (high histologic grade, LVI (−), ER(−), PR(−), HER-2 (−), Ki-67 (+)). b A reconstructed optical absorption map shows a distinct mass with a high maximum THC of 377.3 μmol/L with central prominent high signal. c dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI shows a round mass with rim enhancement with central non-enhancing area, correlated with central hypoechogenicity on US (a) and high signal intensity (arrow) on T2 weighted image (d). The K trans is 0.132 [1/min], the k ep is 0.521 [1/min] and the SER is 1.002. The surgical specimen shows central necrosis

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