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Fig. 4

From: Centrosome amplification induces high grade features and is prognostic of worse outcomes in breast cancer

Fig. 4

Pericentriolar material (PCM) fragmentation is more prevalent in advanced tumors. a-c The average percent of centrosomes (as indicated by pericentrin) without centrioles (as indicated by polyglutamylated tubulin) were plotted based on subtype (a), stage (b) and grade (c). a T-tests were used to compare averages for each breast cancer subtype to normal breast. HR+ = hormone receptor (ER and/or PR) positive and HER2 nonamplified; HER2+ = HER2 amplified; TNBC = triple negative breast cancer. b-c ANOVA was used to analyze differences across stage and grade; the asterisk indicates P < 0.05 for these statistical tests. d-e Overall survival (d) and recurrence-free survival (e) were plotted using the Kaplan Meier method with the cutoff being the median percentage of centrosomes without centrioles. Log rank tests were used to determine P values

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