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Fig. 3

From: Both Talin-1 and Talin-2 correlate with malignancy potential of the human hepatocellular carcinoma MHCC-97 L cell

Fig. 3

Effects of TLN-1/2 knockdown on cell cycle distribution and Anoikis in MHCC-97 L cells. a Cell cycle distribution was determined by flow cytometry using propidium iodide (PI) staining. G0/G1, S and G2/M phase cells were analyzed. b Anoikis was determined by flow cytometry using Annexin V-PE/7-AAD staining. Early and late apoptotic cells were analyzed. Data are mean ± SD. **P < 0.01 vs. Blank; ##P < 0.01 vs. scramble shRNA

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