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Table 2 The results of ANOVA on the levels of fatigue among the three groups

From: Psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the fatigue scale-adolescent

  Mean (SD) G1 Vs G2 G1 Vs G3 G2 Vs G3
  G1 G 2 G 3 Mean Difference p-value Mean Difference p-value Mean Difference p-value
Levels of fatigue 28.6 (3.7) 31.3 (5.2) 22.1 (4.8) −2.7 0.03 6.5 0.000a 9.2 0.000a
  1. aSignificant at p <0.005
  2. SD standard deviation, G1 adolescents who had survived cancer, G2 adolescents receiving treatment, G3 healthy counterparts; with each group contained 50 subjects