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Table 1 ICD-O 3rd edition grouping used

From: Completeness of T, N, M and stage grouping for all cancers in the Mallorca Cancer Registry

Topographies Cancers
C00-C14 Head and neck
C15 Oesophagus
C16 Stomach
C17 Small intestine
C18 Colon
C19-C21 Rectum
C22.0 Liver
C22.1, C24 Biliary tract
C23 Gallbladder
C25 Pancreas
C30, C31 Nasal cavity and sinuses
C32 Larynx
C34 Lung
C33, C37, C38 Other thoracic organs
C40, C41 Bone
C47, C48 Soft tissues
C50 Breast
C51 Vulva
C52 Vagina
C53 Cervix uteri
C54, C55 Uterus
C56 Ovary
C57 Other female genital organs
C60 Penis
C61 Prostate
C62 Testis
C63 Other male genital organs
C64 Kidney
C65-C68 Bladder and urinary tract
C69 Eye
C73 Thyroid gland
C74 Adrenal gland
Morphologies Cancers
8720–8790 Melanoma
9590–9729 Lymphoma
9731–9734 Myeloma