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Table 7 RT-PCR verification of microarray gene expression and identifcation of XPO1 cargoes containing a TSP 5’ regulatory element(s)

From: Deciphering mechanisms of drug sensitivity and resistance to Selective Inhibitor of Nuclear Export (SINE) compounds

Genes HT1080 Parental Fold Induction Microarray HT1080 Resistant Fold Induction Microarray HT1080 HT080 Neo-NHEK HaCaT Leukocytes Fold Induction RT-PCR Presence of XPO-1 cargo transcription factor binding element
Parental Fold Induction RT-PCR Resistant Fold Induction RT-PCR Fold Induction RT-PCR Fold Induction RT-PCR
SLC16A6 4.04 7.05 10X 14X 3X (24hrs) 10X (4hrs) 30X (4hrs) FOXO1
SLC16A9 4.45 7.7 4X 16X 3.5X (4hrs) No induction No expression NF-AT
BIRC3 2.99 1.65 3X 2.5X 3X (24hrs) 2X (24hrs) No Induction p53
SLC43A2 6.41 6.99 12X 16X 6X 4X 4.5X (4hrs) FOXO1
GNG2 2.69 1.91 3X 2.5X 4X (4hrs) 20X No Induction  
ACER2 2.71 2.01 4X 2.5X 3.5X (24hrs) No Induction 2.5X (24hrs) p53
BTG2 3.19 1.86 3.5X 2X 2.5X (24hrs) No Induction No Induction p53, FOXO1
RRAGD 2.76 2.55 3X 3X 2 X No expression 7X AP-1
NPY1R 2.97 1.77 4X 3.5X 3X (4hrs) No Induction 3X (24hrs) p53, NF-AT
SLC44A2 5.33 3.97 8X 9X 2X No Induction No Induction  
PLCD4 3.03 3.43 13.5X 9X 2.5X (4hrs) No Induction No expression p53, FOXO1, AP-1
FAS 2.68 1.99 2.5X 2.5X No Induction No Induction No Induction p53, AP-1
ARRDC3 4.05 4.3 5.5X 7X 8X (24hrs) 5X (4hrs) 5X FOXO1,3
NGFR 5.18 5.92 400X 70X 43X (4hrs) 5.5X (4hrs) 100X (4hrs) p53, FOXO4, NF-AT
Tp53INP 3.8 2.84 6X 3X 5X (24hrs) 5.5X (24hrs) No Induction  
PCLO 7.33 6.24 30X 25X 9X 6X (4hrs) No Induction FOXO1,3, NF-AT, AP-1
HSPA4L 4.38 3.32 7X 5X 2X (24hrs) 2X (4hrs) 27X (24hrs) AP-1
STK32A 8.92 8.4 90X 10X No expression No expression No Induction  
RNF150 9.76 7.9 45X 10X 50X (4hrs) No Induction 160X (4hrs) FOXO1