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Table 1 In- and exclusion criteria

From: A randomized controlled trial of web-based cognitive behavioral therapy for severely fatigued breast cancer survivors (CHANGE-study): study protocol

Inclusion criteria
 1) Women who are 18 years or older.
 2) Treated for breast cancer with curative intent.
 3) Breast cancer treatment (surgery, chemo- and/or radiotherapy) must be finished at least 3 months previously. There is no upper limit for the time since completion of cancer treatment. Patients who currently receive hormone and/or targeted therapy are eligible.
 4) Disease-free at entry of the study, defined by the absence of somatic disease activity parameters.
 5) Able to speak, read, and write Dutch.
 6) Severely fatigued, defined by a score of ≥35 on the fatigue severity subscale of the Checklist Individual Strength.
 7) Having access to a computer with internet.
Exclusion criteria
 8) Presence of a co-morbidity that explains the presence of severe fatigue.
 9) A depressive disorder, assessed with the BDI-PC and the M.I.N.I.
 10) Current psychological treatment for a psychiatric disorder.
 11) Current CBT for fatigue.