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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of included trials

From: Clinicopathological and prognostic significance of FOXP3+ tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in patients with breast cancer: a meta-analysis

First author Publication years Country Number (n) CRT Age Median (range) TILs subsets Sample time TILs site Method curative resection Outcome measured Follow up Median (range)(M)
Ladoire S et al.[26] 2011 France 162 YES/YES NR FOXP3+/CD8+ B-NC/post Peritumoral IHC YES RFS; OS NR
Lee S et al. [30] 2013 Korea 86 NR/YES NR FOXP3+ NR Peritumoral IHC NR RFS;OS 73.5(24.2–120.0)
Mahmoud SMA et al. [27] 2011 United Kingdom 1445 NR/YES NR FOXP3+ Post Intratumoural;distant stromal; peritumoral IHC/TMA YES OS;RFS 128(4–243)
Liu F et al. [7] 2011 China 1270 NO/YES 52(19–92) FOXP3+/CD8+ Post Intratumoural; peritumoral IHC YES OS; RFS 66(1–78)
West NR et al. [32] 2013 Canada 175 NR NR FOXP3+/CD8+ Post Total IHC YES RFS; OS 83
Bates GJ et al. [23] 2006 United Kingdom 299 NR/YES NR FOXP3+ Post Total IHC YES RFS; OS 87.6(2.4–135.6)
Takenaka M et al. [31] 2013 Japan 100 NO/NR NR FOXP3+ Post Total IHC YES OS; RFS NR
Maeda N et al. [35] 2014 Japan 90 NO/YES NR FOXP3+ Post Total IHC YES OS; RFS 67(7.8–90.5)
Sun S et al. [36] 2014 China 208 NO/YES 57.6(31–85) FOXP3+/CD8+/PD-1 Post Intratumoural; peritumoral IHC YES OS; RFS 72(8.04–102.24)
Aruga T et al. [24] 2009 Japan 87 YES/NR 51(23–69) FOXP3+ B-NC Total IHC NR OS; RFS 46.3(5.3–89.1)
De Kruijf EM et al. [25] 2010 Netherlands 556 NO/YES 57(23–96) HCA2/HC10/Foxp3+ Post Intratumoural IHC YES OS; RFS 228(0–276)
Liu F et al. [28] 2012 China 132 YES/YES 53(38–72) FOXP3+ B-NC/post Intratumoural; peritumoral IHC YES pCR; OS; RFS 62(18–73)
Liu S et al. [34] 2014 Canada 3277 NR/YES 58.9(23–95) FOXP3+/CD8+ Post Intratumoural IHC/TMA NR OS; RFS 151(1.2–222)
Kim ST et al. [29] 2013 Korea 72 YES/NR 49(16–83) FOXP3+/CD8+/CD4+ B-NC/post Total IHC YES RFS 34(21.9–38.3)
Tsang JY et al. [37] 2014 China 84 NO/NR 56.3(44.4–68.2) FOXP3+/CD8+ Post Intratumoural; peritumoral IHC/TMA YES NO NR
Kim S et al. [33] 2014 Korea 143 NO/NR NR FOXP3+/CD8+/CD4+ Post Intratumoural; peritumoral IHC YES OS; RFS 69
Seo AN et al. [38] 2013 Korea 153 YES/NR NR FOXP3+/CD8+/CD4+ B-NC/post Intratumoural IHC YES pCR; NR
  1. CRT, chemoradiotherapy (pre/postoperation); TILs Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes; IHC Immunohistochemistry; TMA tissue microarrays; B-NC before Neoadjuvant chemotherapy; post postoperative; NR Not reported; RFS recurrence-free survival; OS: overall survival; pCR pathologic complete response