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Table 1 In- and exclusion criteria

From: Colorectal liver metastatic disease: efficacy of irreversible electroporation—a single-arm phase II clinical trial (COLDFIRE-2 trial)

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Histologic proof of primary colorectal tumor Ventricular cardiac arrhythmias
Radiologic proof of colorectal liver metastasis, unsuitable for resection and thermal ablation due to vicinity to vascular or ductal structures Congestive heart failure, NYHA Class ≥ 3
18F FDG-PET avidity of target lesion and visible on ceCT Active coronary artery disease
Lesion size ≤ 3.5 cm History of epilepsy
Adequate bone marrow, liver and renal function Any implanted stimulation device
ASA-classification 0–3 Chemotherapy <6 weeks prior to treatment