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Fig. 3

From: Heparan sulfate proteoglycans undergo differential expression alterations in right sided colorectal cancer, depending on their metastatic character

Fig. 3

Immunolocalization of ECM HSPGs. Immunolocalization of perlecan expression. a Normal mucosa showing positive staining in the cell cytoplasm and in the basement membranes, magnification 400X. b, c Non-metastatic (b) and metastatic (c) tumors showing weak and focal staining in the cells and the tumor stroma; magnification 400X. d-g Immunolocalization of collagen XVIII expression. d Normal mucosa. Staining appears at arteriolar vessels in the lamina propria (arrows). f, g Non-metastatic (f) and metastatic (g) CRCs showing no positive immunoreactivity. e Tumor neovascularization displayed by positive immunoreactivity for CD34 antibody. Magnification 200X

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