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Fig. 3

From: The transcription factor ERG increases expression of neurotransmitter receptors on prostate cancer cells

Fig. 3

Metabolite and Neurotransmitter production is elevated in LnCap and PC3 cells transfected with ERG. Among the metabolites (see Methods Section) measured by LC-MS/MS, 52 were found to be significantly regulated in ERG+ LNCap as compared to ERG- LNCap (P < 0.05). Fold change in production is shown in (a) and the t test in (b). Principal component analysis (PCA) provided evidence for clearly distinct metabolic phenotypes comparing ERG+ LNCap and ERG- LNCap cells (c). The 52 metabolites include the neurotransmitters quinolinate, glycerophosphocholine, CDP-choline, choline, and glutamate (d). Enrichment analysis identified many metabolic pathways in which the 52 differentially produced metabolites play a role (e)

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