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Fig. 5

From: Berberine, a natural compound, suppresses Hedgehog signaling pathway activity and cancer growth

Fig. 5

BBR inhibits the growth of medullboblastoma in vivo. a Inhibitory effect of BBR on the growth of medulloblastoma in vivo. Nude mice allografted with medulloblastoma were administered the BBR 100 mg/kg by daily gavage for 21 days. RTV for indicated days was shown as mean ± s.d. for each group of mice. (b-c) BBR inhibited the Gli1 mRNA (b) and ptch1 mRNA (c) expression in the medulloblastoma tissues isolated from nude mice. Four hours after last dose of BBR administration, the medulloblastom tissues were harvested for RT-qPCR analysis. Data are expressed as mean ± s.d. *p < 0.05

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