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Table 3 List of parameters used for breast lesion characterization

From: Texture analysis on MR images helps predicting non-response to NAC in breast cancer

Parameter type Parameter description
 1 Wash-in rate Rate of contrast material uptake
 2 Maximal amplitude Maximal contrast enhancement
 3 Wash-out rate Rate of contrast enhancement washout
Geometric (according to BI-RADS lexicon)
 4 Mass 3D space-occupying lesion that comprises one process,
   usually round, oval, lobular or irregular in shape
 5 non Mass Enhancement of an area that is not a mass
 6a Energy Measure of local uniformity of grey levels
 7a Entropy Measure of randomness of grey levels
 8a Contrast Measure of the amount of grey levels variations
 9a Homogeneity Measure of local homogeneity. It increases with less contrast
 10a Correlation Measure of linear dependency of grey levels of neighbouring pixels
 11a Inverse difference moment Measure of local homogeneity of the grey levels
 12a Sum average Measure of overall image brightness
 13a Sum variance Measure of how spread out the sum of the grey levels of voxel pair is
 14a Difference in variance Measure of variation in the difference in gray levels between voxel pairs
 15b SRE Short Run Emphasis (first property of run-length distribution)
 16b LRE Long Run Emphasis
 17b GLN Gray-Level Nonuniformity
 18b RLN Run-Length Nonuniformity
 19b RP Run percentage
 20b LGRE Low Gray-Level Run Emphasis
 21b HGRE High Gray-Level Run Emphasis
 22b SRLGE Short Run Low Gray-Level Emphasis
 23b SRHGE Short Run High Gray-Level Emphasis
 24b LRLGE Long Run Low Gray-Level Emphasis
 25b LRHGE Long Run High Gray-Level Emphasis
  1. aParameters derived from the co-occurrence matrix [29]
  2. bParameters derived from the run length matrix [40]
  3. 3D three-dimensional, BI-RADS breast imaging reports and data system