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Table 1 Outcome measures and time points of the effect evaluation

From: Self-management support intervention to control cancer pain in the outpatient setting: a randomized controlled trial study protocol

Outcome measures Instrument or source Time points
T0 T1 T2
Primary outcome measures     
Pain intensity BPI x x x
Cancer related quality of life EORTC-QLQ-C30 x x x
Secondary outcome measures     
Self-efficacy CPSS-DLV x x x
Knowledge PKQ-DLV x x x
Anxiety and depression HADS x x x
Pain medication use Medication overview x x x
Additional measures    
Socio-demographic data Questionnaire x   
Medical data Medical record x   
Co-interventions Questionnaire    x
  1. T0: Baseline - T1: 4 weeks - T2: 12 weeks