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Fig. 5

From: The glutamate transport inhibitor DL-Threo-β-Benzyloxyaspartic acid (DL-TBOA) differentially affects SN38- and oxaliplatin-induced death of drug-resistant colorectal cancer cells

Fig. 5

Effects of DL-TBOA on cell death and survival parameters after chemotherapy treatment. Parental and drug-resistant HCT116 (a) and LoVo (b) cell lines were exposed to SN38 (0.8 μM) or oxaliplatin (20 μM), alone or in combination with 350 μM DL-TBOA as indicated, for 24 h. Equal amounts of protein per lane were separated by SDS-PAGE and the protein level of p53 was determined by Western blotting. Top: Representative Western blots, with p150 as loading control. Bottom: Densitometric quantifications based on 3 independent experiments per condition. Data are means with S.E.M. error bars of 3 independent experiments. *) p < 0.05, **) p < 0.01, ***) p < 0.001,****) p < 0.0001 compared to the control group without drug or TBOA treatment; Two-way ANOVA with Tukey post-test

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