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Table 4 Clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes of patients with initial CNS disease

From: Risk factors and clinical outcomes of acute myeloid leukaemia with central nervous system involvement in adults

Patient Age (years) Gender FAB Leukocyte (/μL) Cytogenetics CNS Symptoms Relapse HSCT Outcome
1 43 F M1 1860 CN Seizure Yes# Yes CR in 52.7 m
2 21 F M2 15430 t(8;21) Blurred vision No Yes CR in 41.4 m
3 60 F M4 74390 t(9;11)(p22;q23) Dizziness - No Died in 3 m
4 26 F M4 175900 inv(16) Headache No No CR in 63.1 m
5 72 M M4 168630 inv(16) Dizziness No No CR in 40.9 m
6 53 F M4 93340 +8 Paresthesias No No Died in 4.3 m
7 40 M M1 277250 CN Headache No No CR in 58.1 m
  1. #This patient suffered from marrow relapse but not CNS relapse.
  2. This patient suffered from induction death after standard induction chemotherapy.
  3. Abbreviation: F, female; M, male; FAB, French-American-British; CN, normal karyotype; CNS, central nervous system; HSCT, hematopoietic, stem cell transplantation; CR, complete remission; m, month.