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Table 1 Clinical and pathological characteristics of patients from which primary cultures were established

From: Mesothelioma patient derived tumor xenografts with defined BAP1 mutations that mimic the molecular characteristics of human malignant mesothelioma

Cell lines Sex Age (dx) Ethnicity Diagnosis Patient tumor TNM stage Treatment Survival from diagnosis
Histology Positive markers
NCI-Meso16 M 72 Caucasian Pleural Epithelioid Mesothelin: 2+, 30%, Calretinin, WT1, CK5/6(focal) cT4N1M0 (IV) Cisplatin + Pemetrexed (6 cycles) with SS1P (first two cycles) 8 months
NCI-Meso17 F 63 Caucasian Peritoneal Predominantly epitheliod with focal sarcomatous features Mesothelin: 2+, 15%, WT1, CK5/6, CA125 NA Debulking + IP Cisplatin + doxorubicin 8 years
IP Pemetrexed + IV Cisplatin
IP Taxol 34 months
Debulking + IP mitomycin + doxorubicin
phase II investigationsl agent
NCI-Meso18 M 60 Caucasian Pleural Epithelioid Mesothelin: 3+, 100%, Calretinin, CK5/6, WT1 cT3N0M0 (III) Cisplatin + Pemetrexed
Cisplatin + Pemetrexed
phase II investigational agent
NCI-Meso19 M 19 African Pleural Epithelioid Mesothelin: 2+, 100%, Calretinin T4N3MX (IV) Died before any specific treatment 3 months
NCI-Meso21 M 66 Caucasian Pleural Epithelioid Mesothelin: 3+, 75%, WT1, calretinin, CK5/6 T4 (IV) Cisplatin + Pemetrexed (6 cycles) with SS1P (first two cycles) 13 months
  1. NA, not applicable; IP, intraperitoneal; IV, intravenous; EPP, extra-pleural pneumonectomy. Patient tumor mesothelin expression is reported based on the intensity of staining (1+ to 3+) and percentage of cells stained (1-100%).