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Table 2 Fold changes in expression of known p63 target genes in response to WT1 and p63 gene knockdown in FaDu cells

From: Wilms’ tumor gene 1 regulates p63 and promotes cell proliferation in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

Gene name Expected effect by p63* Fold change (vs control) Gene function
   siWT1 sip63  
SFN Repressed 0.41 0.38 Cell proliferation
Skp2 Activated 0.49 0.46 Cell cycle
CAD Activated 0.50 0.47 Pyrimidine metabolism
Fjx1 Unspecified 0.44 0.47 Cell growth
INPP4B Unspecified 1.10 1.27 Inositol phosphate metabolism
CITED2 Activated 1.20 1.67 Cell cycle
TGM2 Unspecified 2.05 2.08 Cell cycle
PLAC8 Repressed 2.51 2.43 Cell migration
GDF15 Activated 1.18 2.66 Cell migration
IGFBP3 Repressed 2.63 2.85 Cell proliferation
  1. *Expected effect of the listed genes was based on previous studies.