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Table 1 Proteins with differential expression/phosphorylation after AMT in A375m2 cells (Kinexus)

From: PKCα promotes the mesenchymal to amoeboid transition and increases cancer cell invasiveness

Protein Phosphosite (human) Refseq Fold change
IKK alpha Pan-specific NP_001269 6.7
CDK7 Pan-specific NP_001790 5.2
ASK1 (MAP3K5) Pan-specific NP_005914 3.2
STAT1a/b Pan-specific NP_009330 3.2
Catenin beta Pan-specific NP_001895 2.4
MEK6 (MAP2K6) S207 NP_002749 2.3
Erk2 Pan-specific NP_002736 2.3
Cofilin 2 S3 NP_068733 2.3
CASP4 Pan-specific NP_001216 2.1
Hsp90 Pan-specific NP_005339 -26.4
JNK1/2/3 Pan-specific NP_002741 -22.6
Bid Pan-specific NP_001187 -15.2
CDK1 (CDC2) Pan-specific NP_001777 -9.6
PERP Pan-specific NP_071404 -8.7
Hsc70 Pan-specific NP_006588 -6.1
JNK2 Pan-specific NP_002744 -5.2
APG1 Pan-specific NP_055093 -5.0
PDK1 Pan-specific NP_002604 -4.3
HO1 Pan-specific NP_002124 -3.8
PLC gamma 1 Y783 NP_877963.1 -3.6
CaMK1d Pan-specific NP_003647 -3.5
MEK4 (MAP2K4) Pan-specific NP_003001 -3.3
PKC alpha S657 NP_002728 -3.2
IRAK2 Pan-specific NP_001561 -3.2
Mnk2 Pan-specific NP_060042 -3.1
p35 Pan-specific NP_003876 -3.0
FAK Y577 NP_005598 -3.0
BRCA1 S1497 NP_009225 -3.0
BRCA1 S1423 NP_009225 -2.9
4E-BP1 T45 NP_004086 -2.6
Bak Pan-specific NP_001179 -2.5
MEK1 (MAP2K1) T385 NP_002746 -2.5
MEK5 (MAP2K5) Pan-specific NP_660143 -2.4
TrkA Pan-specific NP_002520 -2.4
Pax2 S394 NP_000269.2 -2.4
STAT3 Pan-specific NP_003141 -2.3
MEK7 (MAP2K7) Pan-specific NP_005034 -2.3
PKC epsilon S729 NP_005391 -2.3
PKBb (Akt2) Pan-specific NP_001617 -2.1
GCK Pan-specific NP_004570 -2.1
p38a MAPK Pan-specific NP_001306 -2.1
  1. Antibody microarray (Kinex) screen of A375m2 cells in AMT. Cells in 3D culture were treated with ROCK inhibitor and analyzed after 24 hours. Signal values from duplicate samples were tested for significant differences with Student’s t-test followed by p-value correction for multiple testing (Benjamini-Hochberg). Proteins that showed at least two-fold change and FDR < 0.3 are shown here, complete data are available in supplementary information. Proteins discussed in the text are in boldface.