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Table 2 Nine fresh-frozen GISTs before therapy with known status of primary KIT mutation

From: Massively parallel sequencing fails to detect minor resistant subclones in tissue samples prior to tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy

Case No. Mutation primary tumour Mutation metastasis
F1 11: p.V559G n.a.
F2 Wt n.a.
F3 9: p.A502_Y503dup n.a.
F4 Wt n.a.
F5 n.a. 11: p.V559D
F6 n.a. Wt
F7 Wt n.a.
F8 p.W557_V559delinsF n.a.
F9 p.V559A n.a.
  1. n.a.: Not analysed. Wt: Wild-type.