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Table 3 Cox proportional hazard model as determined with backward eliminated via a stepwise method *1

From: Homozygous deletions of UGT2B17 modifies effects of smoking on TP53-mutations and relapse of head and neck carcinoma

Outcome: any type ofTP53-mutationsin a tumor HR 95% CI p-value
Having both disruptive TP53-mutations and UGT2B17 -deletions 2.22 1.30 to 3.80 0.004
p16 -positive tumor 0.53 0.29 to 0.99 0.047
Stage IV 2.32 1.44 to 3.74 0.001
Poorly differentiated tumor grade 1.66 1.01 to 2.74 0.047
  1. *1By backward elimination from age, gender, smoker (10 PYs ≤), heavy drinker, primary site of tumor, CDKN2A-SCNAs, p16 (+), disruptive TP53-mutations, UGT2B17-deletion, interaction effect between disruptive TP53-mutations and UGT2B17-deletion, interaction between disruptive TP53-mutations and p16 (+), stages, tumor grade of cell differentiation.