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Table 6 Reasons for declination of study participation given by nonparticipants of the BEST-study

From: Factors influencing participation in a randomized controlled resistance exercise intervention study in breast cancer patients during radiotherapy

Nonparticipant’s reasons (n = 65)
Journey too far/difficulties to reach training centre 70.8%
Time conflicts 23.1%
Twice a week training is too much 13.8%
Health problems 12.3%
I do not want to participate in relaxation 12.3%
Dislike of randomization 10.8%
Additional time for questionnaires and measurements is too much 9.2%
Pain 9.2%
Resistance training too exhausting 7.7%
Too tired or not motivated enough 6.2%
I can’t be bothered 3.1%
Doubts about meaningfulness of the study 1.5%
Doubts about benefit of the training 1.5%
Investigation too burdensome/ inconvenient 1.5%
1 h training/session is too much 1.5%
Prefer not to give reasons 1.5%
Other reasons 15.4%