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Table 2 All mutations and SNPs detected by the HRM approach were validated using Sanger sequencing method

From: Screening of exon 11 of BRCA1 gene using the high resolution melting approach for diagnosis in Moroccan breast cancer patients

Gene Patient code Exon HRM result Sequencing result Mutation type Systematic nomenclature SNP Manifestation, age at diagnosis Family history Ethnic origin
BRCA1 Br 23 11 H Positive Positive c.2805delA 2924delA _ BC, 41y M aunt, BC 42 y Berber
  Br 24 11 H Positive Positive c.3279delC 3398delC _ BC, 32y Mother, BC 49 y Berber
  Br 123 11 G Positive Positive _ _ c.2612C > T BC, 64y No Family History Berber
  Br 12 11G Positive Positive _ _ c.2612C > T BC, 27y No Family History Arab
  1. BC: Breast Cancer.