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Figure 1

From: Pre-radiotherapy plasma carotenoids and markers of oxidative stress are associated with survival in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients: a prospective study

Figure 1

Kaplan-Meier plot showing progression-free survival in patients. A) Pre-radiotherapy plasma total carotenoids above median (high total carotenoids) versus plasma total carotenoids below median values (low total carotenoids), log rank p = 0.003; B) Relative decrease in plasma FRAP above median (high decrease in FRAP) versus relative decrease in plasma FRAP below median (low decrease in FRAP), log rank p = 0.024 and C) Relative increase in plasma d-ROMs above median (high increase in d-ROMs) versus relative increase in plasma d-ROMs below median (low increase in d-ROMs), log rank p = 0.006.

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