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Table 3 Tumour cell and stromal expression of APRIL protein in colorectal adenocarcinomas.

From: APRIL is a novel clinical chemo-resistance biomarker in colorectal adenocarcinoma identified by gene expression profiling

APRIL Immunohistochemistry  
Tumour Cell Positive 130 (55.6%)
  Weak 70 (29.9%)
  Moderate 49 (20.9%)
  Strong 11 (4.7%)
Stroma Negative 104 (44.4%)
  Positive 121 (51.7%)
  Negative 113 (48.3%)
  1. Immunohistochemical analysis of a rectal adenocarcinoma tissue microarray (n = 234 tumours) demonstrated that APRIL protein was expressed in tumour cells and/or tumour stroma. Positive stromal expression was strong. In tumour cells expressing APRIL, intensity was weak, moderate or strong. The number of rectal adenocarcinomas with positive staining for APRIL protein. Percentage of the total (n = 234) is in parentheses. There was a significant correlation between tumour cell and stromal expression (p = 0.048). There was no significant association between tumour cell or stromal staining and age, gender, histological grade, tumour site or Duke's stage (all p > 0.20. Data not shown).