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Figure 3

From: Wnt pathway reprogramming during human embryonal carcinoma differentiation and potential for therapeutic targeting

Figure 3

Expression of FZD5, FZD7, WNT5A, and POU5F1 in human germ cell tumor cell lines. Real-time RT-PCR assays were used to independently determine the expression of a) FZD5, b) FZD7, c) WNT5A, and d) POU5F1 in NT2/D1, NT2/D1-R1, Tera-1, and 833K cells. Gene expression profiles were determined in cells treated with +/- RA for 4 days. Values are expressed as percent of NT2/D1 (-RA), which served as a control. Graphs depict representative PCR assays performed in triplicate. Error bars represent standard deviation.

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