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Table 2 Relations between pre-ER and Pathological Response in Tumor Site

From: Retrospective analysis of 119 Chinese noninflammatory locally advanced breast cancer cases treated with intravenous combination of vinorelbine and epirubicin as a neoadjuvant chemotherapy: a median follow-up of 63.4 months

Pathological Response in Tumor Site pre-ER p value
  negative positive total  
pCR 15(68.2%) 7(31.8%) 22(100%) 0.043
non-pCR 43(44.3%) 54(55.7%) 97(100%)  
total 58 61 119  
  1. Abbreviations: pCR: pathological complete response; pre-ER:ER status examined before neoadjuvant chemotherapy.