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Figure 3

From: Proliferative and anti-proliferative effects of dietary levels of phytoestrogens in rat pituitary GH3/B6/F10cells - the involvement of rapidly activated kinases and caspases

Figure 3

Proliferative effects of E 2 in combination with different concentrations of phytoestrogens. GH3/B6/F10 cells were treated with different concentrations of phytoestrogens in the presence of either 10-9 M or 10-12 M E2. The cell numbers were measured after 3 days of treatment. (A) coumesterol (B) daidzein (C) genistein (D) trans-resveratrol. The solid horizontal line spans the reported concentrations of each estrogen in human serum or urine. * = p < 0.05 compared to 10-9 M E2. # = p < 0.05 compared to 10-12 M E2.

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