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Table 3 Functional GO categories

From: Identification of Achaete-scute complex-like 1 (ASCL1) target genes and evaluation of DKK1 and TPH1 expression in pancreatic endocrine tumours

Systems Categorys No. of genes or transcripts
Biological processes   
  Regulation of biological or cellular process 342
  Development regulation/cellular 292
  Cellular metabolic process 189
  Transcription and regulation of transcription 144
  Biological/cellular adhesion 68
  Regulation of nucleo -base -side, -tide and nucleic acid metabolic process 62
  Regulation of gene expression 56
  Cell differentiation 44
  Locomotion, cellular or regulation of 29
  Cellular migration/localisation 26
  Phosphorylation 20
  Neurogenes 19
  Protein amino acid phosphorylation 17
  Carbohydrate biosynthetic process 5
  Integrin-mediated signalling pathway 5
Molecular functions   
  Binding activity, receptor, DNA, nucleic acid 305
  Transcription regulation/cofactor or binding activity 67
  Kinase activity 54
  Phosphotransferase activity 49
  Ligase activity ubiquitin/amino acid/small conjugating protein 24
  Ligase activity 20
  Enzyme activator activity 13
  Transmembrane receptor protein kinase activity 11
Cellular components   
  Cell junction 14
  Intercellular junction 8
  Basement membrane 5
  1. Functional categories are based on GO annotation. Note that in GO function hierarchy, some genes/transcripts belong to multiple categories.