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Figure 2

From: Clinical significance of altered nm23-H1, EGFR, RB and p53 expression in bilharzial bladder cancer

Figure 2

RNA expression of EGFR , nm23-H1 and β actin in cases of muscle invasive bilharzial bladder cancer: (a) Expression of EGFR by RT-PCR: first lane; molecular weight marker, lanes 1–7: cases of BBC showing EGFR expression, lane 8: a negative control, (b) nm23-H1 RNA expression by RT-PCR: Lanes 1, 2, 8–11: normal expression of nm23-H1, lanes 3 and 6: loss of expression of nm23-H1, and lanes 4, 5, and 7: reduced expression of nm23-H1, and (c) Lanes 1–11: Expression of β actin in cases of BBC.

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