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Table 3 Objective response to talabostat.

From: Phase II assessment of talabostat and cisplatin in second-line stage IV melanoma

(Patient No.)
M classification at enrollmenta Metastatic sites at enrollment Prior Tx for
Stage IV diseaseb
Best response to prior Tx Response to talabostat Duration of Response (days)
M1b Skin, lung Tumor peptide heat shock (Vitespen) PD PR 151
M1b Lung Sargramostim PD PR 62
M1b Lung None NA PR 287
M1c Subcutaneous tissue, stomach, lymph node(s), visceral Temozolomide, thalidomide SD PR Unknownc
M1c Regional lymph node(s), liver None NA PR 176
M1c Lymph nodes beyond regional, lung, abdominal wall None NA PR 141
  1. Tx = treatment; PD = progressive disease; PR = partial response; NA = not applicable; SD = stable disease
  2. a M1a: Distant skin, subcutaneous, or nodal metastases; M1b: Lung metastases; M1c: all other visceral metastases. Baseline LDH levels were also used in this classification.
  3. b Includes chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy.
  4. c The patient was lost to follow-up.