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Figure 2

From: Low-risk susceptibility alleles in 40 human breast cancer cell lines

Figure 2

Normalized expression levels from Affymetrix Human Exon 1.0 ST microarrays of 2a. MAP3K1 ; 2b. FGFR2 ; 2c. TNRC9 ; and 2d. LSP1 ; from 40 human breast cancer cell lines. Kruskal Wallis testing using the average expression among all probe sets for each gene did not reveal significant associations between gene expression and SNP genotypes. Each line represents a cell line, with the color-coding according the genotype groups: green, major homozygotes; red, minor homozygotes; and blue, heterozygotes. Two cell lines with the delEx9 isoform of FGFR2 are indicated with bold red lines. Probe sets for each gene were ordered by physical location and indicated by exon, where probe sets that were not unique for that gene were omitted. Probe sets with expression values less than the background of 50 were also omitted, unless more than 3 cell lines had expression levels higher than 100.

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