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Table 1 The top regulated genes from the array for each comparison.

From: Identification of proteins involved in neural progenitor cell targeting of gliomas

Gene Fold change N29 and N32 vs N25
Cryac 33.06
Prss1 8.41
Prrx1 6.08
Lgals3 5.04
Faf1 4.45
Kcnd2 0.34
Camk2n2 0.32
Tgfb1i4 0.31
Igfbp5 0.24
Fst 0.14
Gene Fold change ST14a and Hib5 vs Rn33b
Fst 155.25
Cryac 62.76
Smgb 41.11
Prss1 35.74
Gas6 11.90
Hfb2 0.26
Dbi 0.19
Map17 0.15
Pitx2 0.12
Col18a1 0.06
Gene Fold change glioma/NPC
Col3a1 7.13
Pga5 2.75
Nme1 1.94
Rasa1 1.84
Hfb2 1.81
Gas6 0.12
Mch 0.10
Mcl1 0.09
Smgb 0.07
Fst 0.04
  1. Microarray comparisons. Shown are the fold changes of the five most up- or downregulated genes for the following comparisons: N29 and N32 vs. N25, ST14A and Hib5 vs. RN33b, Glioma vs. NPCs. Statistical analysis was performed using the software SAM, which allows the detection of falsely positive genes (family-wise error rate) by averaging the amount of genes classified as significant over chosen permutations of data between the groups. The false discovery rate was set to false discovery rate ≤ 1 10-4.