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Table 3 Comparison of predicted CCND1 microRNAs

From: Systematic validation of predicted microRNAs for cyclin D1

Group 1 (M, T and P)
miR-15a miR-15b miR-16 miR-34a miR-23a miR-23b  
Group 2 (M and P)
miR-15a miR-15b miR-16 miR-34a miR-195 miR-23a miR-23b
Group 3 (M and T)
miR-15a miR-15b miR-16 miR-34a miR-195 miR-424 miR-503
miR-19a miR-23a miR-23b miR-202 miR-497 miR-193a miR-193b
miR-449a miR-511 miR-494 miR-487a miR-655 miR-95 miR-374b
miR-494 miR-296-3p miR-548c-3p miR-548d miR-548c miR-520d-5p  
Group 4 (M only)
miR-155 miR-491-3p miR-296-3p miR-532-3p miR-188-3p miR-579 miR-501-5p
miR-219-1-3p miR-340 miR-519b-3p miR-519e miR-515-3p miR-139-3p miR-203
miR-142-3p miR-450-5p miR-487b miR-301a miR-301b miR-130a miR-130b
miR-148a miR-152 miR-550 miR-545 miR-497 miR-144 miR-449a
miR-146a miR-655 miR-374b miR-524-5p miR-520d-5p miR-376c miR-199a-3p
miR-199b-3p miR-194 miR-202 miR-875-3p miR-511   
  1. *M, miRanda; T, TargetScan4; P, PicTar. microRNAs in bold only were validated in literature; those underlined were validated in both literature and in this study. Those in italicized were validated in this study only.