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Figure 2

From: Loss of heterozygosity at thymidylate synthase locus in Barrett's metaplasia, dysplasia, and carcinoma sequences

Figure 2

Comparison of intratumoral TS mRNA levels with the 5'-UTR genotype. A: Grouped by the number of repeats. No difference was observed between 2R/2R, 2R/3R, and 3R/3R groups. B: Grouped by the number of repeats and G/C SNPs. The patients with 2R/3RG, 3RC/3RG, and 3RG/3RG genotypes were classified as the 3RG group, while those with 2R/2R, 2R/3RC, and 3RC/3RC were classified as the non-3RG group. There was no difference in TS mRNA levels between these two groups. Boxes indicate the first and third quartiles (median inside); bars represent the range of values falling within 1.5-fold the interquartile range.

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