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Figure 1

From: Regulation of HSP27 on NF-κB pathway activation may be involved in metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma cells apoptosis

Figure 1

Expression of HSP27 was distinctly inhibited after RNA interference. Levels of HSP27 and phosphorylated HSP27 in Hep3B, MHCC97L and MHCC97H cells were up-regulated through western blot analysis of whole cell lysate using specific antibodies (A). PCR products of HSP27 in MHCC97H after siRNA transfection for 24 hr (B) and its protein expression after siRNA transfection for 48 hr (C) were significantly reduced in MHCC97H cells. The values on bottom of the bands represent the densitometric estimation of the relative density of the band, calculated by comparing the ratio of intensity of MHCC97L and MHCC97H cell line with that of Hep3B cell line (the ratio in Hep3B was set as baseline 1.0). In addition, MHCC97H cells transfected with siRNA for 12 hr were subjected to in vitro migration and invasion assay (D) for 20 hr. The results represent means of triplicates; * statistically different from control at P < 0.05.

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